ACA Pacific Has Officially Become an Avnos Distributor in Indonesia


Jakarta, 12 February 2020 ACA Pacific Indonesia has officially become a distributor of an American software company, Avnos in Indonesia. Getting to know more closely, Avnos is a startup company Cyber Security Global that recently moved its headquarters at APAC from Singapore to Indonesia. ACA Pacific held a public presentation at Morrissey Hotel on 12 February 2020 to explain this new collaboration with Avnos.

PT ACA Pacific Country Manager, Mr Wiranto stated that this collaboration will increase business, especially in the cyber security sector and also we believe this collaboration will develop rapidly because almost all business sectors currently in dire need of digital security for their business.

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At present, almost all countries in the world cannot escape the demands for digitization. The invasion of the digital age has engulfed almost all aspects of life, including the business world. Being one of the countries with business that is sought after by the global meain, Indonesia is expected to be able to improve the cyber security sector to be able to accelerate the digitalization process and create safe and comfortable business activities. So far there are still many companies in Indonesia that are aware of the crucial protection of their business, even though it is one of the main things to accelerate digitalization in organizations.

This is what convinced ACA Pacific to work together with Avnos as a startup cyber security company. With this cooperation, it is hoped that ACA Pacific and Avnos can work together as a solution, especially in cyber security for business people in Indonesia. Avnos itself has several products that can be a solution, one of them, Avnos Decentralized Software-Defined Firewall (DSDF) that can help companies redefine their existing defense technology, and also expand defense globally by providing protection that is always active for devices anywhere they are. In the current loT Era where traditional network perimeters have now expanded beyond the company’s internal network to the public cloud, Avnos DSDF is a technology that is needed by

companies from all industry sectors. Looking at traditional network parimeter today, new ilayers of layers of firewall methods in Avnos Decentralized Software-Defined Firewalls are able to minimize the surface of their company’s cyber attacks.

This is what convinced ACA Pacific to work together with Avnos as a startup cyber security company. With this cooperation, it is hoped that ACA Pacific and Avnos can work together as a solution, especially in cyber security for business people in Indonesia. Avnos is an innovative cyber security startup in the zero-trust security space, with a strong focus in software-defined micro-segmentation. Avnos was also recently selected into the most prestigious cyber security program globally LORCA UK (The London Office for Rapid Cyber Security Advancement). Now with LORCA, Avnos is backed by the UK government, and well supported by industry technology partners such as DELL Technologies, Deloitte, Global Cyber Alliance, etc.

”We are aggressively growing our channels eco-system, and we are extremely excited to have ACA Pacific represent Avnos in Indonesia”, says Ivan Goh CEO & Co-Founder of Avnos. With this newfound partnership, ACA Pacific Indonesia will also be working closely with Avnos’ master reseller IIJ Singa pore (Internet Initiative Japan). IIJ is Japan’s first ISP and operates in many cities around the world, including Japan, US, UK, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. ”We are proud to have been working with Avnos from day 1, witnessing their growth and success across the globe. We are equally excited to be partnering with ACA Pacific in Indonesia to help expand Avnos’ go-to-market reach” says Alice Chin, General Manager of Sales, IIJ Singapore.

About ACA Pacific Indonesia

ACA Pacific is a Regional Value Added Distribution Company estab|ished since 1986. Serving the Asia-Pacific region for more than 30 years, our expertise is in selecting and integrating “Best-ofBreed” hardware and hardware for communications.

At ACA Pacific, we offer products with advanced technology to provide the best results for our customers. From artificial intelligence, design software, networks and sewers, storage and backup, integrated communications, to cloud computing, we complement most business needs with the right solution. For more information, please visit aca-apac.com/id or contact

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