Wisma Athlete RSD Gratitude for Donation from the Ministry of Social Affairs RI (MPI News)

Wisma Athlete RSD Gratitude for Donation from the Ministry of Social Affairs RI (MPI News)

Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Hospital - Central Jakarta. Pangkogasgabpad RSD Handling Covid-19 Wisma Kemayoran Athlete General Maj. Eko Margiyono was represented by Wapanggasgabpad TNI Brigadier General M Saleh Mustafa handed over the Charter Frame of acknowledgment to the Ministry of Social Republic of Indonesia (Kemensos RI) which was received directly by the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Mr. Juliari P. Batubara located in Gd. A Lt. 2 Media Center Ministry of Social Affairs Jl. Salemba Raya-Central Jakarta. (Wednesday 6/5/2020).

Wapanggasgabpad RSD Covid-19 Kemayoran Atlet Hospital said that the giving of this frame was an expression of gratitude for the donation given by the Ministry of Social RI to Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Hospital, he said.

The donations received by RSD Wisma Atlet from the Ministry of Social RI, namely: 1 Set of Standard Ventilator (Geversamed Invent 201), 2 Sets of Portable Ventilator (Philips A 40), Philips Portable Ventilator Masks, 50 N59 Mask Boxes, 100 packs of Medical Masks and 500 pcs APD (Hatmaz Suit), 100 boxes of Nurse Cap and 100 Boxes of Latex Gloves, said Wapanggasgabpad Saleh M.

With the existence of the Covid-19 Pandemic not only in Indonesia that has experienced it, but this is a global pandemic problem, I think it is not only the government that has to bear it but all levels and elements of society take part in its resolution, so that other business entities are encouraged to take part in realizing the acceleration of termination the chain of spread of this corona virus.
The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs urges and invites private business entities and all levels of society to continue to follow the directions and directions from the government so that the covid-19 outbreak quickly subsides and disappears, he hoped

Wapanggasgabpad who when receiving assistance from the Ministry of Social RI was accompanied by Colonel Cba Agung Maryono as the Dansub Task Force for Donating and Donating RSD Wisma Atlet and the Pharmaceutical Section of AKBP Sunarto.

Colonel Cba Agung said that about donations every day there were those who sent aid on behalf of business entities, groups or foundations or individuals, for today there were 4 (four) donations that came directly to RSD Wisma Atlet, namely 5000 fabric masks from Antasena 96, 55 Milk Cartons from PT Autasia Food, 300 pcs Keto Rox from PT Alur Paragon Nusantara and 200 pcs Frozen Food, the lid.

Authentication: Wapangkogasgabpad RSD Wisma Atlet Brig. Gen. M Saleh Mustafa

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