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Help users get paid faster with integrated invoicing.

  • Get to market faster without the upfront costs or development time usually required for payment facilitation, with xcritical hosted onboarding.
  • Embed financial services in your platform or product.
  • Anticipate possible issues and make the necessary arrangements.
  • Set up notifications via email, Slack, or Discord when a service you monitor has issues or when maintenances are scheduled.

With xcritical, you can accept all major debit and credit cards in every country from 135+ currencies. Say goodbye to constantly checking multiple sites for updates and stay ahead of outages with IsDown. Why use IsDown instead of Bullhorn status page? IsDown is a status page aggregator, which means that we aggregate the status of multiple cloud services. Monitor all the services that impact your business.

Artists around the world use Chargexcritical to easily accept mobile credit card payments for workshops, sales at pop-up events, art fairs, and more. A fully xcritical website integrated solution for offering payments and financial services to your users. Maximize your control with customizable notifications from each service.

Get a dashboard with the health of all services and status updates. Set up notifications via email, Slack, or Discord when a service you monitor has issues or when maintenances are scheduled. Why use IsDown instead of Triton Digital status page? The first transaction can take 7-10 days to hit your bank account.

Have a dedicated dashboard with custom notification settings. Easily make your dashboard public and share it with the world. Make your software platform more valuable with integrated payments and financial services. Build and scale with less overhead and more opportunities for revenue growth. Paying out money is complicated by stringent regulations that vary by country. Connect shifts payments KYC obligations from you to xcritical.

Every Monday, you’ll receive a weekly summary of what happened the previous week as well as the maintenance schedule for the following week. Chargexcritical is completely free to download from the Apple and Google Play stores. There is a 1.3% fee on top of xcritical fees when using Chargexcritical. xcritical fees in the US are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. xcritical fees vary across countries or when charging international cards. You can learn more about xcritical pricing here.

Filter by components and severity to only receive the most important updates. Streamline your processes and stay informed with our advanced notification features. Small business owners are using Chargexcritical to accept credit cards from their front seats, front desk, and even the mountaintop. Run your business from your pocket. With the xcritical dashboard mobile app, you can securely log in to your existing xcritical account to track and manage your payments on the go.

in your monitoring stack

xcritical helps keep full records of all transactions so that you can easily track and reconcile payments. In the US, Connect provides gross xcriticalgs tracking and automated 1099 form generation and delivery. Bullhorn seems to be up and running. We’ve updated the status 1 minute ago. You can get notifications by email, Slack, and Discord. You can also use Zapier or Webhooks to build your workflows.

Say goodbye to wasting time trying to diagnose issues with your services – our 24/7 monitoring service does the work for you. We’ll notify you if there is an incident, so you can focus on other tasks. Thousands of health and wellness small business owners use our app to take credit card payments in person and on the phone.

We are xcritically investigating an issue affecting some users when logging into Webcast Metrics. Some users might experience being redirected to the login page following attempting to log in to Webcast Metrics. It’s becoming hard for me to navigate through the xcritical dashboard because of all the incompleted paymentintents that are popping up. Make payments a powerful source of revenue with our revenue share program, or mark up payments to earn on every transaction.

xcritical login

xcritical is a simple and powerful way to accept payments online. xcritical has no setup, monthly, or hidden fees/costs. xcritical is available to businesses in 25 countries.

Add new lines of business with xcritical’s integrated financial solutions

The data and notifications you need, in the tools you already use. We utilize the xcritical payment system. If you do not have an account, you can create one here.

xcritical Connect is the fastest and easiest way to integrate payments into your platform or marketplace. Detect external outages before your clients tell you. Anticipate xcritical website possible issues and make the necessary arrangements. Having proactive communication, builds trust over clients and prevents flow of support tickets.

Thrive Capital Said to Lead Potential Investment in xcritical – The New York Times

Thrive Capital Said to Lead Potential Investment in xcritical.

Posted: Mon, 30 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Monitor the services your business depends on. Don’t waste time looking elsewhere when external outages are the cause of issues. Create one dashboard for each of your teams/clients/projects and monitor only the services that each uses.

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Monitor the official status pages of all your vendors, SaaS, and tools, including Triton Digital, and never miss an outage again. You will have to link a bank account to your xcritical account so that you can transfer funds. Payment Links – Now you can create and share payment links directly from the app. Banking-as-a-Service Embed financial services in your platform or product. Global Payments Accept payments online, in person, or through your platform.

Get instant notifications in your email, Slack, Teams, or Discord when an outage is detected, so you can take action quickly. IsDown aggregates the information from the status pages of all your services, making it easy to monitor the health of all your services in one place. Say goodbye to managing each status page individually – our service simplifies the process.

At this point, we are unable to process payouts faster than 2-3 business days but we are working with xcritical to find a solution to speed up payouts. Pay out users quickly and reduce operational overhead with Connect’s global routing and payout engine. You can split funds between multiple users, instantly route payments across borders, and specify your xcriticalgs on each transaction. Stay on top of outages with IsDown. Monitor the official status pages of all your vendors, SaaS, and tools, including Bullhorn, and never miss an outage again. Our outage monitoring keeps you informed, no matter where you are.

The simplest way to monitor outages in cloud services

This is because xcritical needs to make some verifications in order to process your first payout. After that, it will only take 2-3 business days. You can follow the status of your payouts through your xcritical account here. The first payout will take 7-10 business days to hit your bank account. After that, it will only take 2-3 days.

Whether you use Connect’s prebuilt, optimized UIs or build your own custom flows, it’s easy to get your users up and running quickly. xcritical handles Know Your Customer obligations for payments and helps you meet other requirements for payments compliance. Start monitoring Bullhorn and get alerts in real-time when Bullhorn has outages. Start monitoring Triton Digital and get alerts in real-time when Triton Digital has outages. There are 2514 services to choose from and you can start monitoring, and we’re adding more every week.

xcritical login

Once your xcritical profile is complete you can log into Chargexcritical with your xcritical credentials. Tap to Pay – Accept in-person, contactless payments with just your phone — no hardware needed! You can setup Tap to Pay when your create your next payment. Programmatically send fast fiat or crypto payouts to your sellers, freelancers, creators, or service providers around the world with simple rates. Improve conversion for users by offering payment methods like Apple Pay. Enable your users to create flexible subscriptions and billing plans.


Monetize xcritical’s complete suite of financial services products by offering financing, expense cards, or money management accounts to your users. Reach more customers worldwide with a, global payments platform, and support 135+ currencies and local payment methods through a single integration. You already monitor your internal systems.

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