Jababeka Signs MoU with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Drive Net-Zero Industrial Cluster Ecosystem in Correctio

Road to Jababeka Silicon Valley (Correctio)

MEDIAPATRIOT.CO.ID – Jakarta, August 18th 2022 – Jababeka’s strategic action for Correctio project, which is expected to become The Next Indonesia’s Silicon Valley, is still being implemented. As part of its commitment to develop this area, Jababeka has formed a number of partnerships. Jababeka has previously established partnerships with Indonesian institutions ranging from BRIN, Indogen, BISA AI, and Telkomsel.

Spreading its partnership wings, this time Jababeka collaborates with an international company from Japan with decades of reputation in the fields of energy systems, infrastructure, and manufacturing, namely Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). On Thursday (18/8/2022), Agung Wicaksono as Managing Director of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur and Shinji Kobayashi as President Director of PT. MHI Indonesia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Menara Batavia in Jakarta.

MHI Indonesia and Jababeka will start to initiate a feasibility study about the implementation of the District Cooling System through this MoU, which will also be displayed at Fabrication Lab (Fablab) Jababeka. The District Cooling System, also known as the customized centrifugal chillers, will provide high cooling capacity with low electrical power to the entire area, lowering carbon emissions in Correctio.

Managing Director of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur, Agung Wicaksono stated “This collaboration is in accordance with Jababeka’s vision which always strives to realize the Net-Zero Industrial Cluster in Correctio. This area will optimize the smart and green city concept. Therefore, this vision needs to be supported by a partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which can provide District Cooling System facilities in the region.” Agung Wicaksono said on Thursday, 18 August 2022.

This collaboration was realized to create Correctio which will not only become the largest and first technology-based business center in Indonesia, but also become an industrial area that supports a green and sustainable ecosystem.

Shinji Kobayashi as President Director of PT. MHI Indonesia stated “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group has developed and implemented various innovations for industries around the world over the last 130 years, ranging from energy systems, power systems and

infrastructure, logistics, thermal systems, and many more.”

Furthermore, Shinji Kobayashi stated “Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of society. As such, we will continue to accurately identify industry needs and provide world-class, forward-looking solutions. As Jababeka’s partner who will play a role in the development of Correctio, MHI Group is driven to find new, sustainable ways to move the

region, improve infrastructure, and innovate in regional manufacturing.”

Jababeka will also encourage tenants in the Jababeka Industrial Estate to collaborate on achieving Industry 4.0 with clean and renewable energy. This collaboration is Jababeka’s strategic step toward the government’s vision of reducing carbon emissions by setting a Net Zero Emission target for 2060 or sooner. On the other hand, Jababeka can collaborate with startups and industries at Correctio to create green jobs and decarbonize the sector.

This partnership is also held to welcome the momentum of the G20 and also Business 20 (B20) in Indonesia in November. Jababeka and MHI played an active role in the G20 during Indonesia’s presidency in 2022. In Business 20 (B20) as a business community partner for the G20 dialogue, business leaders of Jababeka and MHI both occupy the position of Deputy and Co-Chair of the B20 Taskforce for Energy, Sustainability and Climate. Therefore, this collaboration is supporting the energy transition towards net-zero and is a business action within the framework of Indonesia’s G20 presidency in 2022.

After working with a variety of strategic partners such as BRIN, Indogen, BISA AI, Telkomsel, and MHI, Jababeka will continue to strive for breakthroughs and other strategic steps to support the creation of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 in the Correctio area. It aimed to meet the needs of industries and startups whose ecosystems will be integrated in Correctio, an area reckoned as “Indonesia’s Next Silicon Valley.”

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